Dont let your Blog die !  

by Ashish Thakkar

A)Learn from your BLOG It is best to learn from your own BLOG.If not available, you may easily install a stats program specially for your blog and then check the stats for your Blog on daily basis and see as to what worked for you.Website analysis of your blog is very important. What made you get more hits? What made a particular blog entry receive few hits ? The answer lies in a combination of :

-Content for the blog.
-Quality of the page.
-Blogging frequency.
-Comments and Trackback

B)Things that you can do : The Exisiting blogging scripts come with a basic utility and a default template.This is not enough. What is Windows XP operating system without any softwares installed on it.What is a Television with no channels in it and what is Video game with no Plugin.Here is the Keyword : 'PLUGIN'. There are 100s of plugins available to manage and promote your BLOG. For example if you are using WordPress for Blogs then you may find loads of plugins according to your need at :

You may also look for other features for your Blog by searching Google for "Your Blog provider" "Plugin keyword" "Your requirement here".

Note : All you have to do is upload the scipt in plugin directory and activiate it after you login to your admin page.You can also get a plugin created and installed cheapely by using service of a freelance from sites like

Another important thing you have to do with your weblog is to have a unique theme/template.If you use the default theme/template provided with the blogging script then it will seem like your efforts towards the running of the blog and business is casual.

About the Author

Ashish T is an Internet marketing consultant and the head of search engine optimization india (SEO India) division at Mumbai. He provides Search engine optimization training (SEO Training) to webmasters and top execs in various industries.

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