Blog, Blogging and Blogger - The Hottest Trend in the 21st Century  

The Buzz word in the internet industry today is the word "Blogging". If you have not heard of it, read on to find out the hottest trend that is happening across right now in the 21st century. The word "Blog" could be the next craze that is sweeping across the world ever since the Internet took the world by the storm.

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Blogging and RSS: Predictions for 2006  

What's in store for us in 2006? Inspired by Google's poor search relevancy and making friends with Wall Street rather than its users, disaffection is growing apace and surfers are switching their loyalties to Yahoo and MSN. Conspiracy theorists believe that Google influenced pay-per-click and the ranking process to crank up their share price to almost double that of January 2005.

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Multimedia Blogging: Don't get left behind!  

There are many various multimedia advances happening to the good old blog. Although the blog is only a few years old, technology has kept right up there with it. Now, you have the ability to do a number of fascinating things with it. As the blog owner, this can mean huge potential dollars in marketing. If you are just a blog reader, you can now access your favorites online any time that you feel like it.

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Dont let your Blog die !  

A)Learn from your BLOG It is best to learn from your own BLOG.If not available, you may easily install a stats program specially for your blog and then check the stats for your Blog on daily basis and see as to what worked for you.Website analysis of your blog is very important. What made you get more hits? What made a particular blog entry receive few hits ? The answer lies in a combination of :

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