What Spyware Does on your Hardrive

When internet users do as they frequently do and download some sort of free program or participate in files sharing their computers are now almost surely infected with spyware once the download is approved and installed. Once spyware is in your computer it begins silently monitoring your activity and recording personal information. Spyware can also change your internet settings, allowing unwanted ads to show. Spyware may come in the form of adware, malware, parasiteware among other forms. Bundled with freeware and shareware downloads, users are typically unaware of the infection until it begins causing their computer to malfunction. The most serious form of spyware can record and sell to third parties your passwords, credit card number, email address and more.

This often results in identity theft, another quickly spreading privacy invasion. A less threatening form of spyware sells or sends the information to companies who use it to target you with pop up and email advertisements. Because firewalls and anti-virus software cannot catch most spyware, the only current solution is to find anti-spyware software and run full system scan so you can detect and remove all infections.

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