What Assetware Technology is and what it can do for you

For over 18 years Assetware Technology has been at the forefront of Asset management solutions. Assetware management gives you all aspects of financial and physical control over your fixed assets. This piece of business software was designed for medium to large businesses and the customised installation and built in flexibility ensures that this product fits your business and your business process. Assetware management allows you to start by entering a minimum amount of data and then allows you to add more information as details become available, such as funding streams, ownership, costs and deployment details.

This allows asset data to build up as information becomes available. This business software is also password protected, giving you the security that your business needs. Once you have entered your password and successfully gained access to the software then you can start to experience its benefits. One of which is the data gateway. Data entry is fast and secure through the data gateway.

The data gateway is a form in the essence of a spreadsheet that enables easy input of asset information that has been designed for specific users. Assetware management is software and consultancy to help you account for, manage and track your fixed assets. This software is used all over the UK and Europe and fully conforms to numerous accounting standards, including IAS, IFRS and has also been accredited by ICAEW. Effective Assetware management means knowing what you've got, how much it is worth, where it is, what it is used for and what it is costing you. All of this can be found out and controlled by using this piece of software from Pegasus. Assetware allows you to do statutory disclosures, additions, disposals, transfers, journal entries and depreciation forecasting.

The software also tracks your assets for IT and accounting purposes as well as offering clients high quality products, technical expertise and professional services. By using this business software you are also adding value to your business. The way in which this works is through features such as reports.

These reports identify non-utilised assets that can be disposed of or redeployed meaning that you are eliminating 'dead capital,' which saves your business money. Some of the other useful features of this software include the many financial operations that are available to you. ?Depreciation and revaluation (including indexation) accounting ?Open accounting - user can work in any period without having to close a previous period ?'On the fly' calculations - figures produced instantly with no need to rerun the calculations ?Financial summary grid displaying invoice values, depreciation charges and revaluations of the asset ?Handles all depreciation methods. The user can also determine how a re-life should be handled ?Store multiple invoices (capital or expense)against a single asset.

Rolling up of invoices to provide a single capital or expense value ?A Toolkit provides seamless integration with existing financial systems ?Currency conversion on asset records ?Assign assets to multiple costs centres - charges apportioned accordingly Assetware management is worth considering is you want the best from your business. With over 20 years of experience in Assetware management you can't go wrong.

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