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Website conversion can be and some believe it is more important then website traffic. It is because with the same amount of traffic you are getting you can make more money just by tweaking a bit your website.

So, in other words some free conversion strategies helps you eliminate the cost of getting traffic. Traffic is not free, it costs money. So best option is to first create a website that converts, then spend money on traffic.

Here are some website conversion tips.

First of all get your own domain name, not hosting your website on a free hosting company.

Second is the way you structure your menu. What you need to do is not to link to the same page. So for example on your homepage do not link to your homepage, or on your contact us page, do not link to the contact us page.

It will be easier for your visitors to navigate.

If you know nothing about html, then hire a web designer to create a template. That is the your first goal, then design the content without mentioning yourself, what you do, your mission or your company information.

Answer the question your visitors have which is, what in it for me?

Do list contact information as much as possible. Like home or office address, email, phone number, fax number and a picture of yourself or your even take a photo of your company building.

The more you put the better, you can put all that on your contact us page.

Do not add our mission page. Your visitors do not care, they just want to know how your product or service can help them. That also means you absolutely need an attention grabbing headline, that grabs them by the throat and sticks them on your website.

A headline that says, welcome to our website, is the right way to destroy their attention.

How long have you been in business? Put it on your website as long as you have not just started a day ago. These things all help your conversion.

There are also logos you can add to your website, not the free logos, but other popular logos.

Do you sell software? Probably some download websites gave you some awards, then you can create an awards page and list them all.

Even the alexa rank logo, which you can get for free is good. Popups or popunders also distract your visitors.

It does not mean you should not capture subscribers via a popup, but use just one and you can use a slide in popup. That does not get blocked by popups or annoy your visitors.

Those are some of the very basic things you can do to at least make a decent websites. Then and only then you can move to conversion strategies that only work if you already have a good website. Like for example split testing your headline.

Testing is the number one method to make sure your website converts the best.

You can test a lot of things on your website, if you have a salesletter like your headline, price, guarantee or the p.s. section for example.

There are software to help you split testing easily.

So start applying some of the website conversion tips, to see an increase in sales without the need to spend any more money on traffic generation methods.


About the Author (text)SE optimization can be used by every affiliate to drive traffic towards his affiliate link. See Karl\'s software, OutRankSmart.

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