Hello. Today I would like to discuss a bit about a website??s relation with seo. So why shouldnt I start with the introduction to both of them,

First thing I would like to tell is what Web design is.? Designing of pages of a website and web application using codes like HTML (hyper text markup language), CSS (cascading style sheet), and Flash and Images. You can make your own website by yourself or can hire a web developer. The fast growth of this world can be seen very easily and thus every business has their own website to make their business worldwide and increasing the product sales.

Then comes seo - basically this word stands for search engine optimization and basically we do seo of any website to bring targeted traffic to that website. Here a question rises. What targeted traffic is.? So if I m selling clothes online and any food lover is coming to my website so hi will not buy anything, but if any customer is looking for Aprils so he will surely come and may buy something. In early days people were not aware of this thing very much and they usually used to let their website on its destiny but now days here is neck cutting competition and business people are spending a lot to bring their website on the top position so that the website can drive customer to them.

And now people are building their website according to search engines tastes, so that they can appear in serps, serp is here stands for search engine result pages.

But some web designers make some silly mistakes to make websites. They build a website which search engines do not like and that can not bring business too.

So for that we should make website simple and google friendly. The main reason that people access internet to get online information, they don??t have time to wait for uploading a page, they want quick response from website. So make your website easy open, means dont use heavy graphics that make your website heavy and slow and the above the fold area should be less as much you can.

Use simple font that user can read easily. Spelling and grammar mistake makes your website impression down, so always check spelling. Some people do not use to change matter of their website, user will visit again your website if you change matter regularly as they what something new all the time.

The most common mistake people do is that, they mention in page about resolution of website, like best viewed in this.

About the Author (text)This is Akshay Valand, working with idealinfotech as a webmaster, here in this
article telling about some basic relations between web design and seo

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