The Overlooked Danger of Wireless

It used to be during the early days of the internet, most families only had one computer that sat in some common space. It was shared by the whole family and available to everyone. Kids and parents alike would spend time on the home PC searching the web and enjoying the new found accessibility to information.

Monitoring everyones activities on the computer was easy because everyone used the same computer. There was no privacy when it came to the viewing of the internet. However, the age of wireless internet has changed all of that.

Now with the help of the laptop computer, people are able to connect to the internet from almost anywhere. This means that both parents and kids can search the web from the privacy of their rooms or any other solitary place. That also means that some dangerous activities go by unmonitored by parents. This kind of clandestine internet use by minors and others can often lead to problems.

It's not hard to find cases of children and teenagers being targeted by predators on the internet. Situations involving Myspace, Facebook and other social networking sites abound in the news. It's always the same story.

The victim cultivates an online a relationship with a new friend, after many hours of communicating with each other, sending pictures and even video chatting, the relationship blooms and the trap is set. The spider has his fly. Where are the parents during all of this? In most cases they are just across the hall in their bedroom or kitchen. Unbeknownst to them a stranger is prowling in their home. A sinister visitor who has been invited in by an unsuspecting child. He lives in the child's computer, while situation grows out of control right under their nose.

And, in some cases, by the time the trespass has been discovered, it's to late. In this situation there are many enablers. The less than diligent parents, who are either ignorant or lazy. The social network site administrators, who should be catching this kind of activity. Or, maybe the government for its lack of legislation on the issue.

Often overlooked however is the wireless network. Which with the help of the portable PC gives minors the capability to sit anywhere in the house, free from the prying eyes of parents. This kind of privacy can often lead to insidious behavior. It lays down the fertile soil from which some of the most noxious weeds spring up. It takes the home wireless network, which in most cases is a glorious thing, and turns it into a tool for predators and other malicious individuals.

It's important to take these things into consideration when installing your own home wireless network. Some parents only allow children to use the houses desktop computer. Laptops are reserved for college students. Wireless internet is still be made available, but the younger children aren't allowed laptops so it's dangers are minimized. Other parents allow their children to have laptops, but turn off the routers at night.

They also tell children that they must keep their doors open when using the internet. Regular checking of your children's web history is also a way some parents are keeping tabs on their children's activities. The wireless network is just a small part of what is a big problem.

Some of these solutions might seem naive and useless when it comes to controlling children who are often more computer savvy then their parents. However, talking to your children and showing an interest in their safety can help in catching problems before they get out of control. Or, at least be a deterrent against future bad activities.

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