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There are plenty of StartLogic hosting reviews on the Internet, so why one more? Simple. This is a company that deserves to be mentioned at every opportunity. Just about every StartLogic review will begin by that this is a web host who has built up a solid reputation in a very short period of time. Opening its doors in 2003, StartLogic has garnered awards for the exemplary customer service and support it offers, as well as having a five hundred page StartLogic guide, one of the most detailed you will find among any of the web hosting companies operating today. Attention to detail is hallmark of StartLogic, and one of the reasons for their rapid growth.

Most StartLogic reviews would also mention the fact that this provider also offers its customers web site building tools that include a logo, web page, and template editor that is very easy to use. Because of these types of tools, StartLogic often attracts persons who are unsure of their ability to create a quality site. The tools really do make a difference. Of course, nice tools would not make customers hang around. What does that is StartLogic's high incidence of uptime. Just about any StartLogic review will note the reliability of their network and the proactive nature of the StartLogic staff when it appears that anything may impact service delivery to their customers.

These folks know how to take care of their clients. StartLogic ratings on various blogs and more than one StartLogic review bear this out, with many of the ratings being above 95%. When it comes to pricing, StartLogic uses a tiered pricing system, with the monthly charge determined by the duration of the commitment. There is a significant discounted month rate if one signs up for a two year term, as opposed to a one month term. All term commitments come with no setup fees, and unlimited POP email and email forwarding. This is worth noting in any StartLogic review of their services.

Contacting StartLogic and interacting with them can be accomplished by calling a toll-free number any time of the day or night, or by using an online chat feature. Typically, a service ticket will be opened when a customer has a query or concern, and it will remain open until both StartLogic and the client have decided the matter is resolved. One distinction mentioned in many a StartLogic review is their policy of a 100% refund of any unused hosting service. The fact of the matter is that customers rarely leave, so few people ever take them up on this offer. Given the great job that StartLogic does, that should come as no surprise. Customer Support: We have included Startlogic in our listings of the best web hosts based on the actual user experience and testimonials for the most outstanding customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They let you take advantage of the fastest technical assistance via email or online chat as well as correspondence option allowing you to send those not-so-important questions to be answered as well by their experts. Startlogic keeps the individual touch to every client and aims to provide you with unlimited 24/7 access to live support person that will make sure your solutions work and your website performance is excellent. Our Recommendations: The strength of support and their infrastructure systems, allow Startlogic to offer an industry-leading 99.

99% uptime guarantee, covering all the websites hosted on their stable servers. If you would like to benefit from reliable, hassle-free hosting service at the most affordable pricing, Startlogic is able to cover all of your personal and business website needs.

Startlogic Review StartLogic


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