Secrets To Becoming A Successful Seller On Ebay

In order to accomplish the goal of becoming a consistent and successful seller on Ebay there are five basic principles you must follow. Yes, there is actually a blueprint and formula you can follow that will put you on the road to success as a seller on Ebay. Here is that blueprint and that secret formula. 1) You must realize that selling is both an art and a science.

It involves having an existing product or creating one, advertising and marketing the product to stimulate demand for it (which is basically the consumer feeling that they either want or need the product), affixing a price to the product that the market could both bear and the seller could make a profit, and finally making the sale. Actually I shouldn't say finally, because you want to keep selling to the same customers over and over again, establishing a customer base as well as a foundation for your Ebay business. 2) You have to learn the psychology of buying and the buyer to become a great seller. Buying is based on want or need. After the basic necessities are satisfied involving shelter, clothing and food, people buy because they want things.

For example, you need soap to take a shower or bath, it's a necessity at least I hope it is. However, you don't need a vanilla ice cream you just simply want one. So when you see an ice cream stand on the street, you start to feel an urge to have an ice cream, so you buy it "can I have a vanilla ice cream with a sugar cone and sprinkles on top" You must always remember that people buy impulsively and this impulsiveness is stimulated primarily by emotion. So in your Ebay auctions in your description of the items that you are planning to sell, you must use powerful words that serve as emotional triggers. It is important to use vivid descriptions because the potential buyers cannot touch or feel the item. The following is an example of a vivid description: This fabulous diamond engagement ring is set in a handmade 14K White Gold Lucida mounting.

The ring features a stunning 1.50 Carat IGS Certified Square Radiant Cut Diamond, graded I Color and VS1 Clarity. The Diamond is set securely in a high polished four-prong setting. This exquisite jewelry will make a perfect engagement or anniversary ring. The ring is shipped in an elegant Gift Box Pictures are also very important because they give the potential buyers a visual of the actual product and as the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words". Here are some quick tips on how to take great pictures for Ebay: Make sure that you use the proper lighting when taking pictures of your item.

Try to use a background that will contrast well. Avoid background clutter Take pictures at different angles to give bidders a complete view and in depth representation of the item 3) Research. You must do research on the items that you plan to sell on Ebay to ensure that these items are commercially viable.

For example, is the product that you intend to sell receiving a lot of bids in other auctions? It doesn't make sense to stock products that don't have a great chance of selling. You will simply lose your shirt. So doing research help's you avoid this potential pitfall and others.

Further more, research enables you to get a feel for the market place and help's you to determine by doing comparables to other auctions what price you should affix to your items. 4) You must have great keywords in your title. The key to getting many potential bidders to visit your auction on Ebay is the keywords that you use in your title.

So my advice is that before you list an item for sale on Ebay, it is important to do a search on the keywords you plan to use in your title. The purpose of this task is to see how many listings come up. If the results are few or none at all, you should try using different keywords in your title unless you have a very unique item for sale. Also I would check for any misspellings. On the other hand if there are many listings, chances are you chose some great keywords.

5) You must provide great customer service. Providing great customer service is an important prerequisite to becoming a successful seller. Here are some tips that you should employ.

I suggest that you be accurate and honest in describing an item in your listing. Provide as many details as possible. If an item has a scratch or a slight tear, make sure that you've mentioned it. Also, you should indicate whether or not an item that you are selling is refundable. Answer all inquiries regarding the item that you are selling.

This help's to avoid misunderstanding. In addition, after the winning bidder has paid you, make sure you ship the item in a timely fashion. Following these procedures gives you a peace of mind, while providing satisfaction to your customer. Remember, the Ebay system allows both the buyer and the seller in a transaction to leave feedback.

Your feedback rating is very important in your quest to become a successful seller on Ebay. Ebay members usually determine if they want to buy from you based on your feedback rating. If your rating is high, it instills confidence in a buyer and chances are they will bid on the item you are selling.

If it is low it would of course have the opposite effect. Ebay became the number one auction place in the world because of their feedback system.

Omar Johnson is an Ebay powerseller and author of the homestudy course "How to Make Money On the Internet While You are Asleep" Get your Free Report


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