Search Engines Bridging the Gap between Internet Users and Web pages

Search engines acts as a bridge between millions of web pages and web users. Without search engines, millions of web pages which are the unlimited source of information remain hidden for all of us. Can you imagine looking for information or a webpage on the internet without the help of a Search engine? All our attempts will be a failure if we are not using a popular search engine. Search engines are the only source to find reliable information, which are scattered, in millions of web pages. Search Engines work continuously to produce valuable search results for the internet users. Search engine crawlers work 24X7 to index all the pages available on the World Wide Web.

All these pages are linked each other via links. If one page exists independently, without any links pointing towards it, it will remain hidden from the search engines. Search engines find a web site through the links placed by these web sites on other websites. When the search engines spider or bot visits a particular page it looks for further links after analyzing the web page.

If your website links to some very popular pages will be seen by these Search engines as a valuable source of information. The inbound and outbound links given on your website, your site is providing and the keywords mentioned in the WebPages are also an important source of information for search engines. With these keywords and links and other search engines criteria for indexing web pages, they are able to produce relevant results from millions of web pages.

Search engines regularly update their database with the updated information they fetch from millions of web pages around the globe. The information gathered is stored in a database format for future use. These regular updating periodically make search engines most reliable and updated source of information. Google and Yahoo are the most trusted search engines all over the world as they have the most regular updates and the algorithms are most researched and up to the mark. is now presenting Google and yahoo together in your search box. Google and Yahoo results can be seen side by side on a single screen without opening multiple browsers again and again. cuts out the time and hassle involved in searching both Google and Yahoo at the same time.


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