Reasons Why an Article Submission Service Should Be a Cohesive Part of your Online Marketing Effor

With more consumers moving online to buy products, find information and evaluate offline decisions; being able to leverage internet marketing is becoming one of the most significant elements of a businesses marketing mix. If your business is giving internet marketing the attention it deserves, then article submission is a marketing practice which should be a cohesive part of your approach to marketing your products, services and brand online. Increase your Position in the SERPs Through building back-links to your website with targeted anchor text you can increase your websites positions in the SERPs for keywords and phrases that consumers would use should they be looking for the products, services and information that your website provides.

Catch Consumers at an Earlier Stage in the Buying Cycle The internet now provides a great opportunity for buyers to find out information about products and services before they buy them. For example, a person considering buying a wrist watch may look online to find out about wristwatch brands, battery lifecycle and other elements which will allow them to make a more informed choice. If your company is providing the information that allows them to make an informed choice, then you are already placing your brand in front of the consumer at an earlier stage in the buying cycle; giving you first player advantage and brand integrity when they continue through to making a purchase. Direct Traffic Through having articles on hundreds of websites you will experience direct traffic from the websites on which your links are placed. Further more, this traffic will be targeted towards your website since the article pages from which they clicked will be tightly related to your products and services, meaning the chances of making a conversion are much higher.

Become an Authority in your Field For decades businesses have tempted to make themselves the authority in their given field; fighting for press interviews to give their take on news that relates to their field. That opportunity is now available through article marketing. Businesses can give their perspective on events, provide helpful and educational guides as well as cement a trusted exterior through participating in article marketing. Through providing information in articles, business owners also open up opportunities to be asked for their opinion more often and to further enhance their authoritative status as a result.

Widen the Berth of Opportunity to Catch Consumers When online being able to widen the berth through which traffic arrives at your website is vital to solidifying your position in the marketplace. With article submission services your benefit from direct link visits, as well as increased search engine rankings. Being able to do that is also good because it widens the scope and amount of opportunities for consumers to find out about your offerings. For example, if a potential customer performs a search for a phrase related to your product, they could be met with 1 result being your website and 4 results being websites that syndicate your article.

You are therefore significantly increasing the chance that your business will be found.

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