Postcard Printings KISS Revisited

KISS ? Keep It Simple, Stupid. We've all heard this word before. And most of the time, even with our being familiar with the term, we seem to make the mistake of violating this principle over and over again, especially when we're creating our marketing tools (e.

g. postcard printing). If we don't adhere to the KISS principle, it's the KISS of death mostly for our postcard printing project. It's like having your sales pitch go on and on when the client is all fired up to buy your product or avail of your service. Instead of closing the deal and making arrangements to get your client to sign the papers, you go on and brag about how great your company is or how your client would benefit from your product. Just like in your postcard printing project, there's a lot to be said in providing your potential clients a glimpse of what you have to whet their appetites.

It doesn't do you any good to divulge everything. You take out the right of your prospective client to know you better. You'll be like the salesman who lost a possible buyer just because you can't stop telling your client your full-length business story. By being this way, you may lose a valuable client who's ready to buy, but changed his or her mind because you just gave out more information than he or she can handle. KISS. Give your target clients information when they ask for it.

Luckily for most of us in the trade business, our products or services often sell themselves without even our intervention. Nevertheless, it is a bit annoying for prospective clients to get hold of a postcard printing item that speaks more of the company story rather than what they would want to know ? how you can help make life better for your target clients. Here again are some of the KISS principles to make your postcard printing project more effective in getting the sales you deserve. - Simple language, please. This means you have to stir clear from the usual jargon that most salespeople indulge in when they make their sales pitch. Good, accessible words on your postcard printing copy can help your target readers to understand your message better and perform your call for action quickly.

- Go straight to the point. Say what you want to say and don't beat around the bush. Well, you know what I mean.

- Simple fonts (e.g. Arial, Sans Serif) made readable and legible by applying a larger point would make it easy for your target readers to understand your postcard printing message. - No fancy fonts, please. And no capital letters. It would seem like your shouting at your target readers if you use all capital letters in your postcard printing text.

In addition, avoid using Roman numerals for your numbers. It creates a somewhat stiff postcard printing design. And always use numbers instead of bullets.

- Use simple, plain, pale paper to create good contrast with your postcard printing ink. Dark colored paper can be a bit daunting and often makes your text less reader-friendly for your potential readers. - Consistent design and layout create unity and cohesiveness in your postcard printing overall appearance. - And as always, keep everything simple ? from your graphic images, pictures and design, to your fonts, color and format. KISS. By making your postcard printing project more accessible to your target clients, you give them the opportunity to be more acceptable of your business proposal.

Don't waste your time adding elements to your postcard printing project that are unnecessary. I'm willing to bet that a lot of your potential clients won't also waste their time reading your postcard printing item if you don't keep it simple for them to understand your message easily.

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