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Think about it. Every time you use the world wide web, every time you do a search on any topic ? you are taken to a list of websites containing this keyword. Along with this information, you will also see some advertising on the site. This is called Search related advertising and it is becoming more and more popular.

Utilization of search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Google, Ask, AOL are helpful in searching and zooming in on information related to the product a customer is seeking. That's why you might want to try some newer search engines like: Their site features Web, News, Audio, Video, Pictures which are already categorized for your convenience.

It is in an easy to read format, easy on the eyes and easy to use. Search related advertising places online advertisements directly on web pages. This is one of the most ingenious ways of advertising. It just takes a few seconds to catch your attention and you're hooked. Online access is immediate, convenient, and private. There is no doubt that advertising on the web in this manner is effective.

But how do advertisers know where to place their ads? Or how do websites get a higher ranking on search engines? Advertisers and websites can make use of natural search results to use certain keywords that will put their sites on the top natural search results. For instance, every time you search for a word or phrase, search engines will show you a listing of the main results Advertisers can place their ads near these natural results. Advertisers are charged each time someone clicks (PPC) or for each impression.

Most Search engines offer you research study and will help you conduct detailed online searches to help you master the art of Search Related Advertising. SEO plays a part in this. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It aims at achieving good ranking of websites in natural search results. Prospective customers usually type in a keyword in their search related topics. Websites will usually optimize their website using certain key words that will draw prospective customers to sites related to the keywords that have been typed in. Keywords are the key issue here. If your website is dealing with food supplements and you use that word on your website only once, your ranking on the natural search done by search engines will be low.

Supposing you use that word 200 times in correct sentences of course, it will have a good chance of getting a higher ranking. Obviously the goal of websites is to get their website in high ranking, appearing at the top of the list of results using correct keywords that lead customers to their site! Search related advertising will use techniques involving research from natural search results and use it to increase web traffic to their website. Most search engines offer this research online for a small cost. Audio and video search engines can also be used.

These search engines crawl the web for audio, and video content. This will give you a list of only the video or only the audio formats available on websites.

Jeremy Miller is the author of this article on Search Related Advertising. Find more information about Natural Search here.


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