More Users Flock to mySearchBonus

Search engine users seem to be looking for free stuff. has continued to grow since its launch in early May, 2008.

Free stuff hunters have flocked to the search engine to sign up and start earning rewards for their everyday Google searches. The site has taken on a slightly new look in the past week. Rather than having the pleasant graphics at the top of the page the designers have removed them to minimize the amount of space that is used up by the toolbar. The site now has very simple text links directing users where to go. While these links may not be as easily identifiable, users have been getting comfortable with them. The new smaller toolbar allows more space for search results and site announcements.

This is especially important when the main purpose of the site is to receive search results. The designers said they do not have plans for any other major changes to the search engine aspect of the site in the near future. The reward points redemption store is still looking a bit rough. The development team has put the smallest portion of their time into this as they do not believe that its appearance is a top priority.

While they believe that it is very important for users to have an accurate understanding of the redemption system and what points can be redeemed for; it is still not believed having the store look its best is a priority. "We can't focus on everything at once" stated Ry Racherbaumer, co-founder of mySearchBonus. They do however plan to add a slightly cleaner look to the redemption store in the near future. In the meantime they have added toolbar support for both Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.

This allows users to search through their account without actually have to visit This is very important for users that are currently using the search box toolbar for Google, Yahoo!, or other major search engines. Very soon a new page will be added to users' accounts to allow them more information regarding their referrals. Users will be able to see how many people they have referred, how many have signed up, and how many points they have received from these referrals.

This will allow users to better track where their points are coming from. Ry Racherbaumer believes that this is very important to many of the more advanced users.


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