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(USA ~ September 22, 2007) Are you someone that wants to have the ability to add video from up to five of your absolute favorite video websites, and the ability to create an unlimited playerlist? offers you the resources to get and organize your favorite videos from top sites; whether you want to post from dailymotion, ifilm, metacafe, myspace, or youtube video, you can easily compile your player list and display them in a single, attractive flash flv player! is fun and easy to use: visitors can register for an account, look for their favorite youtube videos or ifilm videos, as well as Myspace, Metacafe and Dailymotion, and place them into an awesome looking streaming video player on a website! There's absolutely no reason why you can't add your favorite youtube videos and ifilm videos to your website thanks to the resources offered by MyTubeX.

com allows you to add your favorite videos to a playlist through a user-friendly drop and drag application. Then you put the code for the streaming video player on your site and instantly you are displaying youtube videos and ifilm videos! What's even more amazing about that streaming video player is that you never have to re-paste the code again ? no matter how many times you alter your playerlist! That's right; a single code insertion on your website is all that is required ? unlike other video players, the MyTubeX.

com flash flv player allows you to change your video listings with automatic updating features! The hardest part about using the flash flv player from is searching through youtube video, ifilm video, metacafe video, myspace video and dailymotion video options to find your favorite films! Now you have a way to display videos with style; get a flash flv player that allows you to change the appearance of the skin and make your website appealing to the visitor's eye with a flashy, sharp looking streaming video player! Video is the hottest tool on the web for drawing traffic to a website and now allows you to post videos on your site with amazing ease ? change the player list anytime you like and have new video on your website all the time! "Before finding, I had a heck of a time posting video to my site and sometimes I couldn't post youtube videos to my site at all! After signing up with I love my new video player ? it makes things so much easier on me! -Thanks!" -M. Kellogg, Michigan, USA- MyTubeX.

com is an easy to navigate, simple to use web application. Sign up and register for a free account at, and get instant access to the most innovative streaming video player on the Internet today! After account activation, start choosing your playerlist and find out just how easy it is to post your favorite youtube videos and ifilm videos! Diversify your video displaying abilities by using a flash video player that allows you to truly express yourself. There's no need to struggle with codes, and no need to choose just one of your favorite videos anymore ? lets you choose multiple videos so that you can have true freedom in self-expression! MyTubeX.

com offers a flash video player that is compatible with an array of video hosting sites and web applications. It takes only a few minutes to sign of for an account to see just how simple the application is to utilize. Once you try, you'll not only be amazed by the application's simplicity, you will appreciate the program so much, you'll never rely on another flash video application again!.

MyTubeX provides more information and applications which allows you to manipulate Youtube video, Ifilm video, etc and put them directly on your site through a stylish flash video player, visit us today!


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