How To Get Free Google PPC Ads

Think of my "secret" this way: Say you went to the heads of Google, Yahoo, MSN and 100's of other TOP Search Engines, and got to be good friends with them, and then they suddenly said to you:Don't worry ever againon paying for advertising with us , we'll just let you advertise on our search engines, but we won't charge you , so feel free to sell whatever you want, using as many keywords as you want, and we'll even place YOUR ADS at the TOP of every FRONT Page and for EVERY SINGLE KEYWORD you choose! The 3 most important strategies you MUST do right now in order to EXPLODE your online business!" There are many strategies you can use to build a successful online business harnessing the true power of the Internet. But from among them there are just 3 principle strategies you must use that will forever put you above and beyond your competition, allow you to promote any product you want, and allow you to gain online riches faster than most everyone else! Strategy #1: Write only extremely effective pay-per- click ads for whatever you're selling! About 98% of all advertisers stink at writing and preparing ad copy. What good is advertising if your ads don't do their job as well as they could? You have a very limited space in which to stimulate your prospective buyers at search engines (e.g., Google allows just 25-characters per headline, and 35-characters per two additional lines of selling. You therefore MUST make the most of the very limited space!) Strategy #2: Generate only the absolute very most targeted select keywords and bid them appropriately to get the very best positions so that your prospects see your ads above everybody else's! It is your responsibility to generate every possible keyword and phrase that's applicable to targeting your select audience.

And once you've collected them all, you MUST bid them in such a way that you get only the TOP placement (i.e., the top blue ribbon spots on the very FRONT PAGE and for ALL your keywords!) And this usually would be extraordinarily expensive beyond 99.

9% of webmasters' and promoters' best and most generous budgets. Strategy #3: Eliminate ALL this advertising costs you'd otherwise have to pay (like everyone else!) Imagine now after having aced Strategies #1 & #2 above, you were suddenly able to just eliminate all these advertising costs involved, but WITHOUT losing your ads' thunder or placement. This is the MOST IMPORTANT strategy of all: Forever eliminating all your PPC costs -- and regardless what they cost! This puts YOU in the top position and gives you the ultimate cutting edge advantage over everybody else ? FOREVER! With my amazing secret system there is NO LIMIT to how high you can go! If all you want is just $100,000 in Google paid-for advertising but for free, then you can stop there if you choose.

But if you're like me, you can go as high as many, many millions of dollars in otherwise paid-for (and thrown away!) advertising on Google and practically every other search engine on the entire Web! My system never binds you, only frees you from ever having to pay for another pay-per-click ever again!.

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