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To listen to Internet gurus you could easily be fooled into the idea that for an ebook to have any value it has to be priced accordingly. As a result prices of $29.99, $37.

00, $47.00 or even 97.00 are common. To encourage customers to part with these large sums of money they sweeten the deal with lots of bonuses, sometimes up to 20 additional ebooks. There are websites however, that have a large collection of exactly the same top quality ebooks and software but at affordable pricees enabling anyone to buy them at a fraction of the prices charged by these so called experts. Many marketers are experts in just one thing - parting you from your money! Why These Low Priced Websites Don't Charge More? The simple truth is that these websites want you to buy their ebooks and software rather than having you buying it from someone else.

They offer products based on price rather than pushy persuasion and allow you the customer to buy in your own time rather than by claiming dubious limits on numbers to be sold or deadlines i.e. price increases at midnight tonight (have you ever noticed it's almost always midnight tonight). The normal ebook sales model is that they come in a package.

The ebook being promoted costs anything from $27 upwards but, to sweeten the deal, you also get lots of bonus ebooks - anything between 5 and 20 (or even more) and that's OK if you want the bonuses. But do you? Would you have bought the bonuses if they were available separately? Usually the seller claims the bonuses are worth far more than the total price being charged - almost always several hundred dollars in a package costing tens of dollars. But are they? The simples answer is not they are not! These notional prices are figments of their imaginations and so far from reality it is laughable. Just ask yourself the question: If they were worth hundreds of dollars wouldn't they be charging that much for them? Depending on how you look at the package the value of the bonuses is either nil (as they claim they are giving them to you) or at best a proportion of the total cost - if there are 10 ebooks in a package costing $39.00 each one is worth $3.90 - simple math.

Increasingly though these Internet gurus, these super salesmen, are hyping their sales more and more to push the prices up. They enter into joint ventures with dozens of other sellers create a buzz to push their products. You can see this if you are on a number of their email lists as I am.

You can get the same sales message (often exactly the same email) over and over telling you to get on board and buy to resell before it's too late. Some of these experts are pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars of your money as a result of this hype. Some even recommend that everyone maintain the high resale prices so that everyone (the joint venture sellers) can profit - but at whose expense? To my mind this is a rip off and almost certainly illegal. A small number go so far as threatening to withdraw resell rights if any buyer resells at a price less than their minimum price.

This practice is illegal in the US, Canada and the UK and is probably illegal in many other countries. The other problem with this model is that you have to buy all the ebooks at an inflated price just to get the one you want! Would you accept this if you were buying a paper copy from Amazon? If Amazon said you can only have the book you want if you buy these 10 extra books at the same time you would laugh and walk away. Many buyers of ebooks are tired of paying inflated prices for ebooks and software they don't need just to get one item they are interested in! What Can You Do About It? It's simple, stop buying these ebook packages just to get the one or two you want. Shop around and find sellers who break up the packages and sell the products individually.

Consider this: Ignoring the initial cost of the original purchase and the labour cost of adding the ebooks to their site (costs which are quickly recouped), the actual cost per sale for resellers is just the PayPal transaction fee. There are no manufacturing costs, printing costs, delivery or packaging costs. For example in a 99p (less than $2.00 US) ebook sale there is a 75p ($1.50) profit. Once the seller sets up the site and delivery processes the sale is fully automatic and virtually cost free.

If a buyer want one ebook he is charged 99p (less than $2.00) not the $27.00 he could easily be charged elsewhere.

This is fair to you, the customer, and provides the company with a reasonable profit per sale. There are hundreds of titles available online at these low prices, including software packages and private label packages, video and audio tutorials, niche collections, as well as single ebooks and more are added as they become available to the resale market. Almost all the titles also come with resell rights - some even with private label resell rights - and a sales page - so you can enjoy these high quality ebooks at a fraction of their normal cost and you can still sell them on and make a profit! One thing that must be emphasised - the ebooks, training videos and software are exactly the same as the packages selling on other sites for a much higher price.

These products are no different and all sales are 100% legal. They are not illegal copies or in breach of any copyright or illegal in any way. The owners of the sites own the resell rights to all the products - so you can go and buy today with confidence.

John Edmond runs - an ebook and software site with over 300 titles on subjects as diverse as Foreign Language Guides, Internet Marketing and Health and Beauty plus a wide choice of Software. All single ebooks are just 99p (UKP), less than $2.00 (USD


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