How Quality Directories help your search engine rankings

Finding a good quality directory in which to submit your links is of paramount importance for the website owner who is running a business. Submitting a link to a low quality directory by association demeans the website where as submitting to a quality directory is very much worth doing. It is especially important for those that specialize in a particular niche and can only help in the long term. The most difficult part is sorting the good from the bad. Well-established and high quality directories are good places to start and create links back to your site.

Of the many quality directories out there you will find some that are of an even higher quality. Finding a directory like this is certainly a bonus. So what is the reason for submitting links to directories? Well it is because you want to make the millions of web users out there aware of your website and the products or services you advertize there. You cannot do this without some way of making your website stand out among the masses. One way is by using a quality directory. Don't think you can do this by just submitting to all directories, most of them or junk.

You have to find a quality directory. If you are in a business that depends on revenue generated through the web you must get into link building and one of the best ways is by using a directory. I guess the next question is "where do I find a these.

Well friend, as with all things in business, some research needs to be done. I know, its boring stuff, but good research will always bring dividends in the long run. Link building back to your websites is not easy, so you do not want to waste your time on fruitless research. Web directories contain links on a variety of subjects notwithstanding your particular site focus.

You are looking for the right quality directory to place your link so you can direct traffic to your websites. Submitting to a web directory also helps you to promote your website in an cost effective, even free manner. Now, why quality directories and why so many junk directories? Well the junk ones accept all and sundry where a quality directory can somewhat be a bit particular what links it allows. These directories have a complete understanding of what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about, they know if they are not good then the search engines will ignore them. Link building is important for building a business because it is links back to your website that enhances your presence on the net. One way links are of prime importance for doing this.

Search engine robots visit every site on the net and they are ruthless. They discard any directory they consider junk and only promote any quality directory they see out there. What is more important is that once they see a quality directory they keep going back more frequently. If your site is on that directory they then "see" your site whereas on a junky directory they would never see it because they have put it on the bottom of the pile. The point of these links back to your website is to raise the "PR" of your site.

The higher the PR the higher up the scale in the search engines it gets. What the search engines are saying is "I have found a quality directory with a link to a website lets follow it". Also by definition being a quality directory the directory usually has a high PR.

The other reason you should submit a link to a quality directory is that web users visiting the directory may follow the link to your website and become a potential customer. If there is one thing that that needs doing in promoting your website and you do not currently do it, it is ensuring that all SEO concepts are followed. One of the prime SEO concepts is "link building" and in accepting this you should use only a quality directory.

Pascal Smeets is the editor of Adthello a quality directory that will help improve your websites rankings. An inbound one way link from a quality directory will help your sites ranking in the natural search results to find out how easy it is to get a quality directory link visit our Directory your link can be live in minutes.


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