Generate traffic to your existing web site to use with article marketing

Most of what is written on Article Writing for Web Traffic seems to starts from the assumption that you have a clean slate. The basic article marketing approach is well understood - find a profitable niche, research relevant keywords and write articles based on the best keywords. It's a pretty simple process ? well tried and tested ? and it works.

If you run a web site that is intended to promote an established off-line business you have to change your approach slightly. You don't have the luxury of exploiting an under-developed niche. Any promotion you do has to relate to your off-line business.

The good news is that you can still use article marketing to provide a stellar boost to your web traffic. My own business only provides services to local companies. However, I still need to compete with all the other web sites out there, wherever they are located around the World, to get a good search engine position. So, while I only have 2 or 3 local competitors I need to compete with several hundred thousand web sites to ensure that my business is found by my local prospects.

Article writing and distribution is still a fantastic way of improving just about any sites search position. It's just the way in which you undertake your subject matter research that changes. Any article I write has to relate to the theme of my business. So instead of searching out niches I use the products and services of my business as the starting point for my key word research. It's very important to get the central themes of your business fixed in your mind. Once you get stuck into keyword research it is all too easy to get side tracked into exciting possibilities that are at best peripheral to your business.

So spend a few minutes and write down the core concepts for you business. Now you need to use those themes as the seeds for your keyword research. There are hundreds of ways for you to undertake the basic keyword research. But that is not what this article is about. If you need a place to start you could take a look at or search for keyword elite.

One advantage you have as an existing web site manager is that you can use your web logs as a source of keyword information. Most web statistics packages will show you the keywords that users have used to find your site. It can be a bit of an eye opener just what terms people have used to reach your site. Another good source of keywords is your customers and staff.

Ask them to list the words or phrases they would use to search for your company or, better yet, the products and services that you sell. Again you are likely to get some phrases that you simply would not think of alone. At the end of this exercise you will have a list of keywords and phrases that prospects are likely to use to try to find your business. Your job now is to sort out the gems - keywords that have high search values and relatively low competition ? from the rest.

It's these gems you are going to use as the basis of your articles. That's it, job done. Writing the articles should be pretty easy ? take your main keyword phrase and construct a strong, eye catching title. Make sure you use that same phrase in the first sentence of your article. Sprinkle in a useful measure of the secondary keywords form above and the article will pretty much write itself. All that remains is to distribute the article to the top article directories and move on to the next.

Keoni Leni is the owner of Article Writing and Marketing, Based on his own experience on generating web traffic to a number of small business sites,.

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