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Free covers may seem like something that is impossible to find, but it's true. You can find them on the internet easily. Before you get too excited though, you should make sure that you understand what you are getting. One of the first questions to ask yourself about freecovers is "Are they really free?" Web sites that advertise covers for CDs or DVDs can mean a lot of different things by the term 'free'.

You may find out that a free item requires shipping and handling fees so that the item such as the covers is technically free, but you more than pay for it in handling costs. When people who are collectors of covers decide to share copies of their items, the covers are almost always truly free. The caution that should be made here, is that you will want to make sure the person who submits the freecovers is not in violation of any copyright laws, and that the quality of the item is at a level that you will be proud to own once you have downloaded it from the site. The laws generally state that you can use the covers acquired for personal or private use, but not in a commercial application. The quality of the downloaded freecovers will depend on several factors, such as the quality of the original scan by the provider, the transmittal process quality and of course the quality of the equipment and process on the receiving end of the covers. In general, those who submit their covers for others to share do so for the fun of sharing and thus they want their name only to be associated with the highest quality of covers.

This fact helps keep the sharing sites clean and free of poor quality uploads and covers. Sometimes you wear out or otherwise mar the original cover and you want a replacement that is identical. You can have the enjoyment of creating free covers, using those that have been created by others--such as professional covers for music CDs and movie DVDs, or modifying covers to place your own brand of creativity and sophistication on the covers.

You can add extensive data to the information that is already available. For example, you could add your own comments about a specific concert or music presentation. You could add biographical data about the artist or actors. If you have a DVD of a concert that you attended, add your own comments on the cover or in the database that you create.

If you have an extensive collection of CDs, for example, you may want to use your creativity with the free covers to further categorize your collection. Don't just write on the disk with permanent ink and stick it in a jewel case. Make your collection attractive and organized by using freecovers downloaded from the internet. You can also use covers available on the internet to decorate your MySpace or your locker. Personalize your notebooks so that everyone knows who your favorite artists are.

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