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In the contemporary world, human civilization has come to depend immensely upon technological tools and computers are indispensable to human existence. The coming of the internet has not only revolutionized the modes of communication, but today any information is available at one's finger tips just a click away. It is important to note here that the internet is made up of various web sites which provide a plethora of information to the consumers. While the consumers are satisfied many organizations are able to reach out to a wider arena thus increasing their marketing and sales.

Therefore, web sites on the internet are vital in aiding a firm to increase its profit and therefore it is evident that designing a web site is a complex affair and needs to be done with extreme care while conforming to the various guidelines set down by the World Wide Web. In the web sites, all content is made available composed in the form of markup language which is appropriate for understanding by the web browser and the GUI or the Graphic User Interface is responsible for the display images. A web site usually provides necessary information on a particular topic and it is made available in the form of written content and graphics arranged in a series of web pages. The main purpose of creating a web site is to ensure the availability of information on a particular subject and there are certain patterns which are followed by the various commercial websites.

The most important factor here is definitely the content that constitutes the web site and here it is necessary to remember that one must provide adequate and valid information rather than filling up the web pages with unnecessary data. A very important aspect is that the web site should be appealing in terms of its visual appearance and the style of designing should be alluring and professional but not over-exaggerated. The web site should be user-friendly that is to say that navigation should be simple. One of the most important aims of a web site is to ensure that it has enhanced visibility i.e. it is visible in the search results conducted by the various search engines.

Under such circumstances, if the site is better visible, it will also ensure more visitors. A web site is comprised of various web pages which are HTML format files having their own URL. The web site comprises of various hyperlinks which join together these web pages and all websites need to be affiliated with search engines.

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