Bidding directories make link building much faster

When you are attempting to better the placement of your site in the search engine rankings, you often go crazy trying to get links. Time is money, and attempting to place links on your own, eats huge amounts of time that could be better spent modifying the content and strategic direction of your websites. Outsourcing the tasks required to allow your site to function properly is crucial to your success as a webmaster in today's Internet environment. And perhaps the most important aspect of websites today is link management. The best search engine optimizers in the industry know that links make up eighty percent of a websites positioning in the search engines, and the other twenty percent is related to on page optimization. Manually going into directories, searching page structure, positioning, and the presence of no- follow indicators, will exhaust the average webmaster.

And even when you find a great directory to list your site in, you still may have to pay for an editorial review of your site. And then you have to wait to see if you get accepted. If you are dealing with free directories, then you often times have to wait even longer to see if you get accepted. Additionally, you need to develop a system that allows you to track your submissions to directories to follow up on the rate of acceptances and denials.

All of this eats tons of time, and delays the crawling of links leading to your sites. Savvy companies have realized that they could offer directory submissions at reasonable rates if they catered to the masses. Many companies and individuals have developed amazing automated systems that will make the process of getting links seem effortless when compared to manual placement. Search engines crawl good web pages often, and if you want links leading to your site to be recognized and credited quickly, you need to find these respected link repositories.

One of the easiest ways to find directories yourself is to go into Google and type add url followed by your keyword and the word directory. Or you can do this same search by using add link with your keywords. Often times, building a relationship with other webmasters in your niche is a good idea for placing appropriate links on each others sites.

This personal relationship will facilitate the proper placement of your links and help you get them approved much more quickly. However, for most people who want to see quick results, and don't have much time to be a social butterfly on the Internet, some type of paid directory that guarantees placement is the way to go. Recently, individuals and companies have developed a new link acquisition mechanism known as a bidding directory. These sites allow you to enter a bid for where you would like your link placed on the page of a high ranking website. The higher you bid, the better the placement of your website anchor text.

Entries toward the top of the page will receive more exposure to the human eye, and will be given more weight by the search engine spiders. This is truly an intriguing concept in the world of directories that can help you get links with good page positioning immediately. Using these sites will allow you to concentrate on content instead of wasting hours finding good links.

If you want to build links fast, and rise in the search results, find a Bid directory in your niche by searching through this huge bidding directory which includes many excellent business directory sites


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