Auto Responders An Internet Marketing Necessity

How would you like to be able to afford your own personal secretary? Someone to respond to all of your email requests, in seconds. Someone to contact your entire list immediately when you have an exciting offer. Well, You Can! This is only a few of the many functions that your auto responder can do for you. Every time you have a new subscriber it is put to work. You would set up a message that they would get instantaneously, no matter what time of day they subscribe. They will then get a series of messages, offers, or newsletters that you have already written.

You can even be on vacation! This is what marketers call putting your business on autopilot. You do the initial work and your auto responder repeats it over and over again. You just sit back and reap in the rewards. The way that it works is really quite simple.

You start a new list, which will simply be a file of contacts. When you create this list a form is created for you to allow prospects to sign up. You can put this form on your Website, your Blogs, My Space, or any other form of communication that you use on the Internet.

Your next step is to create messages for your auto responder to send out at regular intervals set up by you. The first message is usually sent out as soon as they sign up, and I would suggest that it contains a link to a free report or a free offer. The following messages can be set to be sent out every few days, once a week or whatever your heart desires. The control is all yours. The great part is that once this is set up, you do not have to do a thing.

Your messages will continue going out to 1 subscriber or 10,000 subscribers, just as if you typed it personally to them on that very day. You can also create a random message at any time. Suppose you came across this great deal today and you want to inform your list immediately. Just go into your auto responder account, set up a broadcast message and send it out to your entire list.

You just sent out a great, personalized offer to 10,000 subscribers in 5 minutes. It just doesn't get any better than that! Although auto responders are used primarily for Internet businesses, there are other uses as well. It is just as effective for personal blogs and newsletters. Anything that you do that requires you to continuously contact many people simultaneously requires an auto responder. Anything else would just be a waste of your valuable time.

There are many forms of auto responders out there. Most hosting companies offer a smaller generic version, which can be fine for smaller needs. I suggest using a separate auto responder account that has more control and better features.

I personally use Aweber along with many other professional Internet marketers. I have found their service to be very easy to use and very effective. You can also Google auto responders to find many more. In summary, if you do any real work on the Internet or if you regularly need to contact a lot of people, then an auto responder account is the way to go. Anything else would just be way too much work.

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