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Before reviewing the effectiveness of the various anti-spam software available in the market, it is good to have a first-hand knowledge of what it really is. First, what is spam? Spam is basically unwanted e-mail messages, usually commercial in nature, which is sent to a bulk of e-mail addresses. When this type of message falls on your Inbox, it is quite annoying to have to sort through the e-mail messages that you don't need and those that you actually need to read. Not to mention the fact that some of these e-mail messages may contain viruses, bugs or attachments which can be harmful to your system. To prevent spam from flooding your mailbox, computer software manufacturers developed anti-spam software. There are also web sites on the Internet where you can download free trial editions of such anti-spam software.

Here is a brief run through of the top anti-spam software that you can use to help eliminate those unwanted e-mail messages from crowding your mailbox: -e-Trust Anti-spam Software Qurb Anti-Spam Software, which was acquired by CA, offers the e-Trust anti-spam software. e-Trust can easily be used with your Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. It easily filters spam from getting into your Inbox. Here's how it works: e-Trust scans your Inbox to check for messages from your safe list, or those who are already added to your address book. An e-mail from an unknown sender will be placed on your e-Trust folder so you might want to check this from time to time, especially if you are expecting to receive a message from a new sender.

This anti-spam software is therefore 'trained' to scan your mailbox for the messages that you need and those that you throw away as junk. -Spam Shield Just like e-Trust, Spam Shield is an anti-spam software which can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. Spam Shield gets rid of 99% or your junk mail so that it will not clutter your mailbox anymore. With its easy installation option, Spam Shield works seamlessly with your usual e-mail application, making browsing through your wanted e-mail messages a breeze.

-Choice Mail One This is also a good anti-spam software which gets rid of all unwanted e-mail messages. With Choice Mail One 3.x, you can integrate this anti-spam software with your AOL, MSN, Yahoo or Hotmail account. It also lets you import your contacts list for approval. The free trial version of this anti-spam software is ChoiceMail Free. -Spam Bully Spam Bully offers to end your spam problems by cleaning your mailbox and keeping it free from spam.

Spam Bully works with Outlook and Outlook Express. Its 'allow and block list' is the feature which decides which mail goes to your Inbox and which ones go straight to your junk mail folder. It also has the 'auto-delete' option to automatically delete spam instead of the messages just going to another folder. -Spam Eater Spam Eater conveniently checks your mailbox every ten minutes, and once a spam or a virus is detected, they are automatically "eaten" by the software.

Unlike other anti-spam software, this requires no downloading or installation and is quick and easy to set up. With hundreds of options in the market, you can easily find a good anti-spam software that will fit your budget and your needs so that you would never have to encounter spam on your mailbox again.

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